Items in our packages sent to troops overseas include: personal hygiene items such as foot powder, deodorant, and toiletries of all kinds, Coffee and all types of non-perishable food/snacks. During the holidays, we try and add a little something extra that we hope will put a smile on their faces.  We also accept group letters/cards to add to our packages.


Our support group is open to anyone who serves in the armed forces. If you are currently deployed and are far from home, we can help. Family members can tell us about their son, daughter, sister, brother or if you are enlisted somewhere overseas, please let us know and we can put you or your loved one on our list


All items must be new and in the original sealed packaging. Because items are shipped to areas of intense heat, product selection/packaging is always considered:



  • Gum, Lifesavers, Mints 
  • Fruit: individual serving size cans of fruit, dried fruit  (Note: Plastic fruit cups are not recommended as they may open in transit)
  • Nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, trail mix 
  • Power bars, protein bars, nutritional bars 
  • Beef jerky, beef summer sausage (non-perishable; labeled USDA Beef) 
  • Single serving bags of snacks, crackers, chips, snack mixes
  • Pop Tarts, cereal bars, granola bars 
  • Ramen Noodles, Cup O Noodles cups 
  • Ravioli and other canned ready-to-eat meals 

Pork and pork by-products are not allowed to be shipped to most Middle East combat locations. Please donate non-perishable foods only. Single serving package sizes are preferred; large packages won't stay fresh and are harder to ship. If you can stuff it in your pocket and it's not going to spoil or melt during the summer season, it's  a perfect item to donate.


  • Coffee, coffee mixes, K-cups, teas
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Lemonade, Koolaide, Ice Tea, Tang Mixes
  • Gatorade mix (powdered only) 
  • Crystal Light (or other brand) "On The Go" flavor packets 
  • Sugar and creamer packets for coffee 


We cannot ship liquids. However, the Troops do need flavors to add to their drinking water Please donate sweetened or sugar-free flavoring mixes in small or single serving packages. During the colder months, hot beverages are in great demand. We cannot ship glass containers.


  • Hacky Sacks, Tennis Balls
  • Decks of cards
  • Hand-held games
  • Gameboy Advance games
  • Movie DVDs - Music CDs (new or used; original only)
  • Portable DVD Players


When the soldiers are out in the field, facilities for showering and taking care of personal hygiene are infrequent and in many locations non-existent. Portable-sized packages of non-alcohol based baby wipes are in high demand.

  • Baby wipes for personal hygiene (alcohol-free)
  • Liquid body wash (no pump-style dispensers)
  • Liquid hand sanitizers (no pump-style dispensers)
  • Disposable hand sanitizing wipes
  • Stick deodorant for men and women
  • Powder to help chaffing
  • Dental floss/toothpicks
  • Hand lotions - trial sizes
  • Q tips
  • Nail files (emory board type) 
  • Nail clippers

Lip balm is in high demand in desert areas. The lipstick-style tubes that you apply directly to your lips are preferred over the "tub" style. Eye drops are to relieve dry eyes; please avoid sending eye drops designed to remove redness as those will increase dryness and irritation caused by sand and storms in a desert climate.

  • Sunblock
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Gum, Lifesavers, Mints
  • Eye Drops (to relieve dry eye, not redness)
  • Blistex, Chapstick, Carmex (in stick-tubes rather than tubs)

Please purchase small or travel-size items for personal care. We try to send a new toothbrush in every package, so the demand is very high for toothbrushes. Toothpaste tubes get messy; the plastic "bottles" of toothpaste stand up better to the conditions of combat zones.


Foot care is critical and the demand for quality products is very high. Be sure that all items are in the original, sealed packages.

  • Cotton socks, black, green, or white
  • Boot liners/insoles
  • Odor eaters for boots
  • Lotrimin AF or Tinactin for athletes foot (tubes of ointment or cream, or the bottle of drops; please do not send the aerosol spray type)
  • Medicated Foot Powder
  • Dr. Scholl products for sore feet